Content Warnings: How We’re Tackling Hard Topics

Some stories are harder than others to tell, for various reasons. One of the more difficult topics that is depicted some upcoming literature from Phoenix Manifest Publishing, LLC, is sexual violence.

After much consideration, we have chosen to leave these passages undiluted. When appropriate, we will be using a preface to forewarn readers of content that could be shocking, disturbing, or potentially triggering. We believe that concealing the reality of these situations would be a disservice to those who endured such abuse.

The example below is the Preface for our 5th release, coming Q1 2020, The Devil Tree by Shelby Cain.

The following story is a work of fiction, but is based on real events, that are far too common. There are themes of gang violence, drug use, and sexual violence within this story. These passages may be difficult for some readers, but serve to illuminate the ordeals that are a harsh reality for many. To make light of these passages would be a disservice to not only survivors, but to the people that have lost their lives to these struggles throughout our history. The reality of this situation is far worse than the depictions in this book. Ren’s story is far more common than many know, which only increases our need to recognize the human lives destroyed daily by people not unlike the other characters.