About Us

Stories let us go places and give us perspectives that we otherwise never would have. Stories help us make sense of and understand the world. Stories are how we know the people and events that came before us.

We started Phoenix Manifest Publishing to use our unique experiences and viewpoints to help bring fresh, new, and exciting stories to readers. We hope that you will enjoy these works as much as we do.

We are a full-service publisher. Novels that we accept for publication are edited, proofread, formatted for publication, and have a cover made for them by the Phoenix Manifest team. If an author has a cover they’ve made, or a cover already made for their book, it will be considered.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring new, fresh, and exciting stories to readers, to do right by authors, to bring forward marginalized voices who often don’t have a platform, and foster an inclusive, supportive atmosphere. We intend to maintain transparency with our authors and clients, and keep our query response time minimal.

Meet the Team!

Abeni Trotter – Art Director: Abeni has had a love for writing and creative arts since they were very young, and as they’ve grew older, their passion for both has continued to blossom. Abeni uses their love for video games, music, and geek culture as a source of inspiration for their art and struggles with chronic health, and elicits both as a method to express themselves to the world in various ways, such as writing as a contributor for The Mighty.com about their struggles with Endometriosis, and chronic pain, and writing band and album reviews at Granite Coast Entertainment as well as being self-taught in digital art, while doing freelance work for musicians and Twitch streamers alike. When they’re not doing the former, they’re actively working on overseeing visual art mock-ups and other related design work for Phoenix Manifest Publishing, LLC as the Art Director.

Clarid Mutchler – IT Director: Clarid is a of a jack-of-all-trades, capable in fields from website building to mechanical repair. Whether it’s a webpage redirecting to a ‘404 – not found’ error, a smartphone that won’t turn on, or a car engine with seemingly impossible needs, Clarid relishes getting to the bottom of things and fixing them properly. As part of his drive for ensuring things are completed without compromise, he strives in performing thorough exhaustive research, leaving him with only the best solutions. Above all else, like the others in Phoenix Manifest Publishing, he has a passion for doing what’s right. While he’s more behind the scenes than the rest of us, he is no less important to the success of Phoenix Manifest Publishing, LLC as the Information Technology Director.

Jimmy Nichols – Editor-in-Chief: Jimmy was a writer for a long time before he ever became involved with writing professionally, or the publishing industry. In middle school, Jimmy enjoyed writing short stories. Not Pulitzer Prize winners by any stretch of the imagination, but it was something he enjoyed doing. In college, he wrote experimental short horror fiction, sort of just exploring the genre and seeing what worked. Since then, he’s gone on to write for a now-defunct computer news site, with Mike Brennan, and has worked as a publicist. Today, Jimmy, along with Abeni, Clarid, and Mike, own and run Phoenix Manifest Publishing, LLC, Jimmy being the Editor-in-Chief. In his free time, Jimmy enjoys photography, as well as 3D modeling and 3D printing.

Mike Brennan – General Manager: In high school, Mike was recognized at the state level DECA competitions for excellence in business service marketing, and was sent to international competition, where he received an honorable mention. Mike received an Associates in Arts degree in Psychology from Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, AZ. Mike then spent several years working in warehouses, mastering inventory management, shipping and receiving, as well as overall business infrastructure management. A friend contacted him and offered him a chance to write for a small PC hardware related website, where he became the lead writer and Editor-in-Chief. Mike is a semi-accomplished musician as well, he has played guitar and done back up vocals in a few different bands in the Arizona music scene, as well as toured regionally, with one album published. His experiences above lead him to another position as the scheduling and promotions coordinator for an internationally recognized music venue in Phoenix, AZ. Mike is an Owner, the Acquiring Editor, and the General Manager for Phoenix Manifest Publishing, LLC.