Kristin L. Stamper

Kristin L. Stamper has always enjoyed creating her own fantastical worlds. As a child, she would bring those worlds to life by forcing her friends to play the parts of her characters—whether they liked it or not. This continued until an embarrassingly old age when society told her she was no longer allowed to do that, and unsurprisingly, she had run out of friends. So, as an alternative, she began putting her ideas down on paper in the form of words and drawings.

She is now a grown-up pursuing a degree in Elementary Education, and her background in the USN gives her a unique perspective on teamwork, camaraderie, and combat. Over the years, she’s remained a kid at heart, never lost her creative fervor, and is still passionate about story-telling.

Her science fiction and fantasy stories take place in wild but relatable settings and feature larger-than-life characters. She dreams of sharing her imagination with the world and will continue putting ideas down on paper until her old, arthritis-ridden, bony fingers can no longer hold a pencil.

Kristin L. Stamper’s debut novel Fire Master Marley is set to be released by Phoenix Manifest Publishing, LLC later this year.

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