Dawn of the Betrayers – Frank L Tybush V

Frank L Tybush V’s new Fantasy novel DAWN OF THE BETRAYERS, release date Q1 2020

DAWN OF THE BETRAYERS weaves obsession, political intrigue, and war into a fantasy novel that, at its core, focuses on emotions and relationships.  The book contains diverse, LGBTQIA+ characters and progressive themes.

Prince Prodrick’s life isn’t where he wants it.  At twenty years old, he must keep his affair with his friend Fleet secret from a father that still looks at him as less a future king and more a young prince.  He longs for a change and a way to prove himself. Change comes quickly when the death of Fleet’s father and a royal betrothal sends the prince and Fleet to opposite sides of the world and threatens to tear their secret love apart.  A plot to assassinate the king spreads false facts that convince them of each other’s death. Shattered and alone, they turn to new companions to try to rebuild their lives, the kingdom and ultimately avenge the love they both believe lost.