Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge anything to publish or submit my manuscript?

No, full stop. We are not a vanity press, nor are we any of the other things vanity presses like to call themselves. We will never expect a penny from an author to submit their work, or be published by us.

Is Phoenix Manifest Publishing a good fit for my work?

We publish primarily original fiction of most genres. Presently, we are most interested in sci-fi, romance, and thriller novels. We do not accept erotica, or faith-based fiction. In the future, we will be accepting short stories and poetry, so be sure to check back in with us.

How do I submit my book for consideration to Phoenix Manifest Publishing?

Prepare an email with your name or pseudonym and working title as the subject line to

Please include with your email your query letter and the first 3 chapters of your manuscript in .doc or .docx format, or link to them via the Google Docs service. In the body of your email include your name (if using a pseudonym), the word count and genre of your work, the email address you can be most easily reached, a synopsis of your book, as well as your website, professional/author social media links, and previous work if available.

For full submission guidelines, please refer to our submissions page

I sent Phoenix Manifest Publishing a submission a while ago. Why haven’t I received a response?

Some email providers have been automatically filtering emails from addresses as spam. You may want to check your spam inbox to see if our response has found it’s way there, as well as add to your domain whitelist (gmail instructions here). Should you wait six weeks and not receive a response, feel free to send us a follow up email, checking in on the status of your submission.

Is Phoenix Manifest Publishing an epublisher?

Novels published by Phoenix Manifest Publishing are published in print and ebook format, with some being published in audiobook format. Short stories and poetry published by Phoenix Manifest Publishing may only be published in ebook format.

What does Phoenix Manifest Publishing do for the books you publish?

Phoenix Manifest Publishing is a full service publisher. Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, the Phoenix Manifest team will work with the author to edit it, will proofread it, will format it for publication, and will create a cover for the final book.

What if I have a cover that I made or have had made for my book?

We will certainly consider any cover that an author provides for a book they have written, and take authors’ ideas and concerns into consideration when designing a book’s cover, but we ultimately make the final decision on the covers of books we publish.

How will my book be promoted?

We are very much of the philosophy that authors sell books. People mostly buy books from writers who they already know of. Because of this, the main area we focus on when it comes to promotion is building an author’s image. This can include securing guest spots on radio shows and podcasts, setting up guest articles for blogs and websites, and arranging pre-release book reviews. What we try to do is get your name and book title in front of people who already enjoy book-related content and who probably buy books.

In the month before and after the release of your book we will post regular online advertisements for your book. And, of course, we utilize our social media accounts and newsletter to promote your book as well.

Will I get an advance for my book? What are your royalty rates?

Unfortunately, we do not offer advances for books that we publish at this time. We do, however, offer incredibly competitive royalty rates. For physical copies, royalties are 15% per book sold. For ebooks, royalties are 45% per ebook sold. Royalties per book sold can increase depending on how many books are sold in a quarter.